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Way back 1960's, collegiate organizations were very common among the different colleges and universities. This influence resulted to the creation of several civic groups and among them was the ROMAN SIGMA.

It was on October 1969 that two student leaders of Iligan Capitol College, Iligan City, Philippines, Mr. Vic Garcia and Roger Nuñeza, decided to organize a group which was first perceived to be religious in nature. The group was aimed to create brotherhood among the Muslims and Christians, which is historically known as enemies. The group was first called CHRISMUSA or Christians and Muslims Association. As the recruitment of new members went on, they find out that recruiting Muslim brothers to be part of a Christian Organization was difficult. Having recruited only the Christians, they decided to change the name of the group. One of the founders, Vic Garcia, a law student at that time suggested the name ROMAN, extracted from his "ROMAN LAW" subject, and since most of the existing members of the group had names from the Greek Alphabet, they decided to incorporate the word SIGMA.

Vic Garcia, a practicing lawyer, and Roger Nuñeza, a military major, were the ones who drafted the Constitution and BY-Laws of ROMAN SIGMA. It was not until October n29,1969 that the ROMAN SIGMA ORGANIZATION was first established and recognized in Iligan Capitol College, Iligan City, with the nuns as their advisers.

Since the first members were all male, the group was called ROMAN SIGMA FRATERNITY, but as the group became more organized it gained more members which later resulted to the creation of a Sorority. Since then, ROMAN SIGMA became a nationwide Fraternity & Sorority.

The networking only stopped when former President Ferdinand Marcos, after his declaration of a Martial Law, ordered on September 21,1972 to ban all social and civic organizations only resumed on 1976, when the Philippine Political Situation became neutralized.

On March 15, 1975, ROMAN SIGMA was revived in Mindanao State University (MSU), Marawi City through the effort of the late Bro. Dorwardo Villaruz who was a BS-Fisheries student back then. He recruited 12 new members, also called the lucky 12 disciples, who became the pioneering batch of the revived ROMAN SIGMA. This revival marked ROMAN SIGMA'S expansion and recognition nationwide.